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LM/R/SC 268

LM/R/SC 268

Excellent wear resistance and tear resistance

● Comprehensive performance formula design, can provide excellentwear resistance、tear resistanceandlow heat generation performance

● Four-ply belt structureProvide tires with excellent high-speed performance, durability and comfortability

● Highway pattern, suitable for highway, general road, urban and rural highway

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Parámetros técnicos del producto

Tire specificationPlyLoad IndexLoad(kgAir Pressure(kpa)Speed LevelMeasured rimsAllowable rimsNew tire tread depth(mm)Driving surface width(mm)New tire designed size(mm
Single TireDouble TireSingle TireDouble TireSection widthOuter diameter
10.00R2018149/14632503000930930L7.58.0, 7.50v15.52152781054
12.00R2018154/15137503450830830L8.59.5, 8.50V152323151125